New Book Launched!

An Agency’s Guide to the Umbraco Content Management System

The Comprehensive “Getting Started” Guide for Digital and Advertising Agencies

Did one of your clients just ask that their new website be done in Umbraco – and you don’t know anything about Umbraco?

Are you responsible for the success of an advertising or digital agency and want to quickly understand what this “Umbraco” thing is – and whether it would be a good way to grow your business?

This book is for you.

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Services Offered

Please contact me if you are interested in any of the following:

Architecture & Development

Twenty years experience in website development. Extensive experience integrating external services, web tools, and multimedia with custom websites. Ten years of experience using the Umbraco open-source CMS framework. Custom API integration programming.

Business Integrations
Marketing Automation and Workflows

Integration of marketing strategy with technical projects. Third-party API utilization for improved processes.

Requirements Analysis
Technical Projects, Workflows, Processes, Systems

Business systems/process design expertise. Gathering requirements, designing processes, evaluating tools/services.

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